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Why Choose Victoria

At Victoria Plumbing & Heating Supply, our focus is delivering an unsurpassed buying experience to you, our highly valued trade customers.

Savings are driven by your bottom line.  Since 1993, our relentless efforts to supply the correct materials to your projects in a timely manner, the first time, help drive your acquisition and production costs down.  We strive to provide this type of service the first time & every time, at competitive prices.

According to MCAA’s article “Making Value Come Alive”

“The true cost of dealing with a supplier is invoice cost plus the transactional cost of doing business,” the MCERF study explains. “Many of these costs are buried in overhead, and the activities associated with these costs affect your productivity and profitability”

Dozens of factors are identified to measure supplier reliability and performance, spanning the ordering process, inventory management, logistics management and sales and marketing support.  How many phone calls does it take to get product information?  What is a supplier’s on-time delivery record?  What’s their fill rate?  How accurate are their orders?  Slip-ups in any of these areas add hidden costs to material acquisition.

Past studies done for MCAA have found that around 40% of field labor gets taken up in non-value-added movement of materials in the field. Contractors can reduce that percentage by dealing with reliable suppliers able to manage just-in-time shipments to avoid double handling and staging.” (Page 92, April, 2005 “Supply House Times”)

Founded in 1993, Victoria Plumbing & Heating Supply has focused on delivering a superb buying and supply experience to you, our highly valued customers.

At Victoria Plumbing & Heating Supply, we strive to deliver you the right materials in a timely manner to help drive your acquisition and keep production costs down. Victoria Plumbing & Heating Supply prides itself on being a trusted and respected supplier of various plumbing and heating supplies across Long Island and the boroughs. We always aim to deliver excellent service and fulfill your residential and commercial needs. Whether you’re already on the job and need a part fast or getting ready for a big project, you can count on Victoria to meet all your plumbing and heating needs. Victoria Plumbing & Heating Supply always strives to deliver top-tier service and delivery the first time and every time onward.